Dog welfare is high on our priority and we are respectful of dogs - who generally don’t like to be in fancy dress costumes - esp. where they’re ears and tails are hindered from full movement.

We want to explain our perspective here and ask you not to dress your dogs up for the event except in something functional like a sweater where they can still move around freely.

Ava-Louise, our Chairs dog, needs her sweaters, she shivers, and we suppawt the use of functional clothes so a fun jumper for the show is great and the way we can all enjoy the day without cause stress or problems for the dogs 

Some of you may say why not- don’t be a pawty pooper -  but this is the reason why we are asking:

Dogs can appear to be ok at home wearing an outfit, or even out for a walk when they are with you-  but the show can have over 150 dogs in one space and up to 400 people - which is abnormal and could trigger anxiety and different behaviours  - add in odd outfits and we could trigger unwanted behaviour or anxiety in the woofers.

Even a robust and confident dog can be affected if they have an outfit on that restricts their normal body language  such as ears or tails from moving- and other dogs may misread their signals. 

It’s not that we don’t have a sense of humour -   So we can dress up-  or we can get the children too… 

this line is maybe worth considering if you're tempted to put a costume on your dog,

"Most owners consider pets a part of the family, which is great, but it's important to remember that pets are not fashion accessories." 




Paws in the Park

Sunday 22nd September 11:30 -4:30pm


Nearest Rail stations- New Beckenham & Kent House Road

Limited parking in nearby roads

Park has 6 entrances on these roads (Lennard x 1, Aldersmead x 3, Kings Hall x2)

There's something for everyone -its free to attend- bring a picnic or get something from our Hot dog,  & Craft Beer and homemade cakes & tea & Coffee stalls.

Please bring cash (change not notes for registration and games stall if you can) - we do have card readers but often there is a queue for them.

Sustainable event - help us to be better for the environment. Please bring your own plate/cup to reduce rubbish and aid sustainability.

It's not just for 4-legged family members, there’s fun for everyone …..even if you don’t own a dog!

  • Delicious Hot dogs –vegan & pork - The Friends BBQ
  • Wonderful homemade cakes - The Friends
  • Pimms stall - The Friends
  • Craft beers, ciders and soft drinks - Southey Brewery and Three Hounds
  • Hoopla stall- many prizes for children, pooches & adults
  • Pin the tail on the dog –made for us by #meninshedspenge
  • Toy dog racing - great fun with little dogs
  • Face painting- get a pooch-like appearance, become a bug for the day or just get some glitter with Little Princess Face Painting
  • Clever Claws will be supervising a lovely cool paddling pool for your pooches to jump in and have a splash around and running Temptation Alley
  • Surrey and South London training will be running Scurry Run
  • Nancy Toebeans will be facilitating some puppy/children story telling sessions
  • Sarah's Fitness will be running a woof camp session - now this is fun!
  • Mayow vets will be on site giving advie on pet health and helping with the judging
  • Love my Hound and the Pooch Shed Chews Natural will also have stalls and are part of the judging panels 


Dog show: Loads of dog categories to enter- see our main poster and also our terms and conditions poster

Best in Show: Winners from each category will be judged overall best in show 

Other stalls (tbc)


Please don't bring your pooch if your dog is in season.

Dogs must be kept on their leads at all times in the show unless they are in Temptation Alley or Scurry Run.

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