The Friends of Cator Park & Alexandra Recreation Ground Our Constitution: October 2019 



The society shall be known as Friends of Cator Park and Alexandra Recreation Ground” (FOCAAR) 

Organisation: FOCAAR is a "not for profit" organisation. 

ARTICLE 2 Aims and Objectives:
To preserve and enhance the environment of Cator Park and Alexandra Recreation Ground in partnership with the Council of the London Borough of Bromley for the benefit of the local community; to encourage the quiet informal enjoyment of features and facilities of the Park and Ground and organised events, whilst discouraging anti-social behaviour; to provide an educational experience for the public in the history, natural history and other aspects of the Park and Ground; to invite subscription and other monies to forward activities that may meet the above aims and objectives. 

ARTICLE 3 Membership:
The membership shall consist of
Ordinary and Honorary Members. Honorary Membership may be conferred at the discretion of the Joint Committee. 

ARTICLE 4 Management of the Society:
Joint Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the Society’s affairs in accordance with its legal objectives. 

General meetings: The business of the Society shall be approved at the Annual General Meeting that shall be held in the month of September each year. The date of the Annual General Meeting shall be published giving at least 21 days notice. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Chairperson, at his discretion, within 21 days of receiving a written request so to do, signed by not fewer than 10 members giving reasons for the request. Decisions requiring a vote shall be decided by a simple majority of those Members present and eligible to vote, the Chairperson having the casting vote in the event of equality. 


ARTICLE 5 The Joint Management Committee:
The Joint Committee shall consist of: The
Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer and at least three other members. Other roles on the joint committee may include Vice Chair, Membership Secretary & other relevant roles to support projects in the year. Members of the Joint Committee shall normally be Ordinary Members of the Society. A quorum shall be four members of the Society present. The Joint Committee shall have the power to co-opt. The Joint Committee shall normally meet at least three times a year. Representatives of the London Borough of Bromley shall be invited to attend Joint Committee meetings in an advisory capacity. Voting rights shall be restricted to paid-up Members of the Society, excluding the named representatives of Organisations. If voting is required, the vote shall be decided by a simple majority, the Chairperson having a second and casting vote in the event of equality. 

The Sub Committees: Each park will have its own Sub Committee. Each Sub Committee will report to the Joint Committee. Members of the Sub Committee shall normally be Ordinary and Honorary Members of the Society. 

ARTICLE 6 Election of the Joint Committee:
Membership shall normally be for three years. The Members of the Joint Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting as and when there is a need for such election. Nominations for Joint Committee Members shall be received by the Secretary 14 days prior to the published date of the next Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be supported by two paid-up Ordinary Members and signed by the nominee indicating agreement to serve. In the absence of nominations, the Joint Committee may make nominations. If voting is required, the vote shall be decided by a simple majority of those Members present and eligible to vote, the Chairperson having a second and casting vote in the event of equality. 

ARTICLE 7 Election of Members:
Applicants for
Ordinary Membership shall normally become members upon submission of their application form and payment of the annual subscription. There is one vote per household. The Joint Committee can be made up of Individual, Family or Honorary Members only. However, Organisation Membership means that the applying organisation is represented by one nominated member, without voting rights, who is nonetheless welcome to request, in advance, attendance at a committee meeting. At its discretion, the Joint Committee may refuse to admit an applicant and no reason may be given. Nomination for Honorary Membership may be made by at the discretion of the Joint Committee. 

ARTICLE 8 Subscriptions:
The subscription shall be for one year. There shall be three levels of subscription: Individual, Family and Organisation. The annual subscription shall be determined and/or varied by the Joint Committee and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. Members will be given thirty days' grace to renew their subscriptions. Honorary Members shall pay no subscription. Only paid-up Members are allowed to vote at General Meetings. 


ARTICLE 9 Monies raised from Membership Subscription, gifts, other donations or grants awarded to the Society shall be used for the express purpose of pursuing the aims and objectives of the Friends. The committee is empowered to pursue or make application for grants to secure funds to support the Friends’ planned activities and may take whatever steps are necessary to meet the requirement of awarding bodies. No persons representing the Friends shall make or enter into any arrangement with any persons or organisation that may incur a financial liability save for those purposes as agreed by the Joint Committee as necessary to carry out the objectives of the Society. Likewise, any Member with a vested interest shall make it known to the Joint Committee. 

ARTICLE 10 The Financial year of the Society shall run from 1st October to the following 30th September. The accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting by the Honorary Treasurer having previously been approved by the Committee and two independent examiners who are Ordinary Members. 

ARTICLE 11 Amendments to the Constitution can be made only at a General Meeting. Proposed amendments must be circulated to Members by the Honorary secretary at least fourteen days before the General Meeting or at a specially-convened Extraordinary General Meeting at which they are considered and must be approved by a majority of those Members present and eligible to vote. 

ARTICLE 12 In the event that the Friends ceases to operate the Joint Committee is given the right to assign or all assets held by the Society to the successor body or other group who agrees to carry on the objectives of the Friends. 










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