Cycling is an easy and quick way to travel short distances and it keeps you fit too. There are over 50 miles of dedicated cycle routes across the borough - installed to make it easier to cycle and to encourage more people to cycle. If you don 't cycle regularly, why not give it a go?


Tips for Cyclists


Do not ride on pavements unless there are signs permitting this.


Give lorries space and hold back -- a lorry might be turning at any corner. Never cut inside.


Carry a good lock -- try to lock the frame and wheels to an immovable object, preferably a bike stand.


Cycle in different conditions -- a dry summer's day is perfect for cycling. As you discover how convenient cycling can be for everyday trips, you may find yourself cycling in different conditions.


Cycling at night is just as practical and brings all the same benefits as cycling by day. However there are some simple but important steps to ensure that you are both safe and within the law. Use lights at night.


Dress for visibility by wearing bright, reflective clothing when cycling at night. A reflective jacket or waistcoat that slips over your coat will help to define your shape in the dark. Reflective patches, badges, tape and stickers can be applied anywhere on the bike or rider, and are recommended to maximise your visibility.


Be alert at night -- it is easier to spot approaching cars because of their headlights but remember that you may be dazzled by lights on full beam.


Ensure your bike is safe and check that your brakes, tyres, lights and steering are working properly.


Ensure your bike is properly adjusted -- wrongly positioned saddles and handlebars are uncomfortable and inefficient.


Consider wearing a cycle helmet that meets current safety standards.


Plan a route that suits your abilities if you have not ridden recently. You could also ride with someone who’s used to riding on the road to increase your confidence.




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