Childrens Play Parks


There are substantial play areas in both parks for small children, usually accompanied by their parents. These areas are maintained and inspected by the Council on a daily basis. The swings and roundabouts, slides and pulleys are checked in an ongoing monitoring of facilities.
Recently the bark area in Alexandra Recreation Ground was resurfaced with fresh bark. This makes a 'green' and sustainable, safe surface. 

The cordoned-off play areas are dog-free areas so that these attractive play spaces can be as hygienic and as non-threatening as possible.

The paddling pool in Alexandra Recreation Ground is cleaned, drained and re-filled on a daily basis in the summer. Id Verde has pledged the continued maintenance of the pool.  Please treat it with respect: it is not a skate-board area nor should bicycles or scooters be used on its surface. For that reason it is padlocked during the winter months so that essential repairs can be carried out. It is good to see so many families enjoying this pool during the summer, their small children splashing about in the clear sparkling water, under the watchful eyes of friends and relatives.  

The Friends are liasing with Id Verde for more picnic tables and benches for this area (there used to be four)  and for the pool itself to be updated and made more attractive. Again, this area is meant to be dog-free and there are signs on the fencing stating this.

We are asking everyone using these areas to be mindful of litter and use the litter-bins provided.

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