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Future Plans: 2018/19
  •  The creation of a storage space for gardening implements in Cator Park. This will be able to be accessed by Friends of Penge Parks on a book-in-advance system. Funding will also be raised for a one year tenure of a professional gardener to hold training sessions for Friends groups.
  • The planting of fruit orchards in both parks was accomplished in December 2017 with the help of Hugh Chapman from LBB.
  • The installation of a memorial bench in Alexandra Recreation Ground for Makayah McDermott asnd Rosie Cooper, victims of last August's Lennard Road car crash. They were on their way to the park when it happened. This was achieved through crowdfunding in 2017. We wish to thank Kathy Bance, M.B.E., for being our contact with the family. Thanks to all who donated.
  • The maintenance of the paddling pool in Alexandra Recreation Ground. A site meeting was held last October with Andrew Hodgson of Id Verde and Penny Read, Parks Officer.  Id Verde is contracted to repair and maintain the pool on an annual basis. A new picnic bench was installed in the pool area. There are long term plans for the continued development of the pool area. ‚Äč
  • More imaginative planting of trees and shrubs in both parks. You may have noticed the extra shrubs including lavender and roses in Cator Park and the old-fashioned type bourbon roses in Alexandra Recreation Ground. All shrub areas were freshly-mulched and the rose beds manured.  The once-neglected border round the Park House has been modelled on the shrub borders at Down House. We planted more old-style roses e.g. Eglantyne, Mary Rose, the Alexandra Rose, Sir John Betjman as well as lavender, azalea, crocosmia, hardy fuschia and camellia over a three year period. An attractive mahogany knee-rail was been fixed around the border, similar to those in Kelsey Park. A gardening oarty works twice monthly in liason with Id Verde to maintain this border.
  • The ancient holly hedge was made good in Cator Park and, with supportive new fencing, will be monitored and maintained.
  • Bat Walks in Cator Park continue the tradition during the Penge Festival and early autumn.    We will able to hear the bats via electronic bat detectors.

Long term plans:


  1. Restoration of the drinking fountain in Alexandra Recreation Ground. Stage One - the cleaning, repointing and retiling the plinth with natural stone was accomplished in Spring 2009. Stage Two (?) will involve re-gilding the lettering. The unsightly gap has been pligged (2018) with a matching granite tile. 
  2. Re-ordering and improving some aspects  of Cator Park, adding in fifty new shrubs to the borders.  
  3. A ceramic mural for Alexandra Recreation Ground.


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