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Part of the family

Dogs are very much part of a family and they improve our lives in so many ways, including helping us to get out in the fresh air for walks and play in the parks. Our pets can be a lifeline for us, they not only provide companionship and add structure to our day, they are comforting, entertaining, and loving which helps to reduce our anxiety as we focus on them. They can also help us meet other people helping us to socialise and keep off our screens!

It’s important we make sure we keep the parks safe for them and us humans so we can all be happy and healthy when in the parks.

Both parks have wide open areas and it's a great place for you to let them off the lead – but if they don’t have good recall or you see another dog on a lead, perhaps with a yellow warning on their harness, or an adult or child who looks apprehensive of them, please think that it's maybe better to put your dog on the lead until they have passed by.

There is no doubt that owning a dog brings a great deal of enjoyment but also carries with it many responsibilities. If owners don’t take on these responsibilities, then communities can grow to dislike the dogs in their areas and anti-dog attitudes can develop.

Both parks have dog free areas and we would ask all dog owners and walkers to not use these – even if they are empty – as it’s a safe space for those people who are wary of dogs, where people can sit and picnic on the grass,  and where children can run and play without coming to any harm caused by a dog such as stepping in poop or being knocked over. 


Walking your dog

Cleaning up after your dog

Dog faeces on paths, football pitches and grassed areas are unpleasant for all of us and it's one of the key areas of complaint that we receive about the parks – that and bags of dog poo hung up on branches. 

Please clean up after your dog every time -you need to keep an eye on them so you can see when they have pooped and carry poop scoop bags with you at all times. And use the dog poo bins in the park – you can report them on Fix my Street if they are overflowing or broken.  

We have free dog poo bag dispensers in both parks, which we try to keep topped up for when you have forgotten to bring one or have run out – please be considerate and only take one or two. 

And if dog walkers have missed a poop – politely let them know as its not usually deliberate.

Help us keep Cator Park and Alexandra Recreation Ground clean and hygienic places to be.


Lost or stray dogs

If you see a lost or stray dog,  and you feel confident to do so speak softly to it – don’t call, whistle or chase. Try and take a photo of it and contact the owners if you know who they are. 

Slow your movements, show you're not a threat, don’t approach them head on, sit, crouch or lie on the ground, keeping the dog in sight but avoiding direct eye contact with them.

Lure with food, if possible, throw it away from you but not directly at them. If the dog runs away, don’t chase but follow at a distance. 

Don’t attempt to restrain unless you're confident you will capture them first time. 

If you capture them, pop them on a lead and call the owner. Check social media sites as owners often use these to say they have lost  their dog.

If you don’t know the owners’ details – then go to the nearest vets with the dog and they can scan the microchip for you.

Dogs Lost. Helpline for advice 0844 8003220 or 01633 673 859

Bromley Council are required under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to pick up stray dogs reported to them. They will respond by attending the premises where the dog is being held and attempt to locate the owner by checking for dog tags, microchips etc. 

Lost or found a dog?

Contact SDK Environmental Health and Trading Standards 

Telephone: 03444 828 351

Out of hours (dog warden)

5.00pm - 8.30am and weekends

Telephone: 03444 828 320

More information can be found  on


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